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The 2018 number plates banned because they're too rude Some are pretty obvious, but can you tell why these weren’t released? Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Personalised number plates are a popular way of customising your car and showing off a bit, but not all options are allowed out onto the streets. Rude and offensive number plates are actually banned by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. Some of the plates are pretty obviously unacceptable while others are a little more subtle. The decision as to what should and shouldn’t be banned is made by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in a meeting convened twice a year, ahead of each bi-annual plate change. The new lewd and rude 67 number plates banned by the DVLA Censors decide which plates should be banned due to their explicit nature or potential to be offensive for political, racial or religious reasons, including anything ending in BNP. If a would-be banned plate does slip through the net, the DVLA has the power to force its removal and replacement with a new registration. Plates can be banned regardless of whether they are standard or personalised. According to prohibited plates include “JE55 US”, “15 LAM”, “OS55 AMA” and “AD13 CTS”, along with any plate which could have political connotations like “EU16 OUT”, “EU16 GON” and anything containing “BNP”. acupuncture BristolThe 32 things which are illegal to do while driving that you probably didn't know about Britain's then chancellor Kenneth Clarke poses for a photograph by a personalised number plate belonging to an accountant, in 2000 A DVLA spokeswoman told Wales Online : “There’s nothing scientific about it, it’s all done by taste, and if some slip through and we get a complaint, we take the feedback on board.” The new “18” plates have meant that a whole new range of number plates have been completely banned.

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